Dance competitions can be a wonderful experience for dancers who strive to push themselves to do their best. Dance is an art form and the evaluation of dance can be very subjective. While a High Score is nice to receive, it is not our main goal. We are striving to grow and stretch as dancers, to improve our technique, to experience performing for and being evaluated by a panel of experts, and to enjoy dancing for the sake of dance.


As we all know competition costs money and also time to commit to the weekends of the competitions. To make it fare for all competition dancers please understand that if you commit to participate in competitions you are also committing to the other dancers. This is extremely true when it comes to duets, trios, and groups.  Please plan your schedules accordingly so that it is a fun adventure for everyone.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds if the dancer becomes unfortunately ill or something comes up with your schedule. All competitions have a no refund policy.

Dance Times:

Please remember to plan your schedule accordingly when it comes to the weekends of the competition. Dance times could be on either day of the competition as well as early morning or later at night and we do not get the exact times until 1 week before. Therefore please keep this in mind when planning other activities.

Number of Competitions you do:

The number of competition you do is completely up to you and or the members in your dance. For example if doing a Trio all three dancers must agree on which competitions they are doing and commit to them. You must make your decisions of which competitions you would like to attend no later then October 16th. There must be a minimum of at least 50% of all competition dances going to out of town competitions in order for the studio to attend an out of town competition. In town or local competitions have no minimum requirement.

Competition Fees:

All competition fees are due in FULL absolutely no later then January 15th.