Dance Classes Offered

Partial year dance programs

Twinkle Toes:

Ages 2-4

  • 30 minute class
  • 9 week session
  • Costume is provided

$70.00 Class Fee

This class is for those who may not want to commit to a full year of dance. A creative movement class that introduces your child to basic Ballet and Tap concepts in a fun and creative way. Emphasis is placed upon imagination, musical awareness, large and small motor skills and learning how to work in a class setting. A “Cookie & Camera” Day will be held so dancers can show off their skills to family and friends. The spring session of Twinkle Toes has the option of being in the end of the year recital. We recommend dancers who are interested in continuing the next year in full year class to take the oppertuntiy and experience what the “Big Show” is all about.

Full year dance programs

Age is a basic guideline when choosing a class. Ability, previous experience and instructors discretion will also play a part in placing your dancer in the appropriate class.



Ages 3+ Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume required for recital

A dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. Emphasis is placed upon developing counting skills, imagination, musical awareness, working as individuals and also in groups.  Dance terminology, across the floor progressions and stretching. Students will perform one dance in the recital.


Ages 3+ Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume required for recital

Jazz is a very popular dance style among studio dancers.  It is common to see jazz dance performed in musical theater, music videos, commercials, movies, and television and at major sporting events where dance teams perform.  Dancers will learn proper jazz techniques regarding correct body placement, rhythmic exercises, jumps, turns, kicks, floor work and transitional steps.  In addition there is a portion of the class dedicated to conditioning the body with strength exercises and proper stretching techniques.  Dancers can expect to dance to quick tempo music and for the choreography to be full of dramatic accents and fun! Students will perform one dance in the recital.


Ages 5+  Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume required for recital

Modern dance focuses on creative expression rather than technical virtuosity. However today’s standards of modern dance require a performer to be an artist, an athlete and a technician.  This class will touch on a variety of modern dance concepts such as, suspension, release, weight sharing, upside down movements and a variety of movement qualities.  Dancers can expect originality and creativity with the choreography and a vast array of musical styles. Students will perform one dance in the recital. 

Hip Hop

Ages 3+   Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume required for recital

Exciting urban, street-style choreography that focuses on individual style and expression is paired up with popular and age appropriate music to create fun performances.  Free style oppertunities as well as some break dancing movments and stunts are incorperated. Students will perform one dance in the Recital


Ages 5+ Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume is required for recital

This class will give students a chance to learn Lyrical technique, which incorporates the grace of Ballet with the strength of Jazz and Modern dance all fused together to create expressive performances. Students will perform one dance in the Recital.


Ages 3+ Classes are split according to age and ability. One costume is required for recital

Strong Ballet technique carries over into every other form of dance.  This class is highly recommended if you want to excel in the art of dance. This class introduces Ballet technique through barre work, across the floor and center exercises to give students a strong foundation of skills.  Students will perform one dance in the Recital.

Dancing Dudes

Ages 4+

We offer a unique oppertunity for dads, grandpas, uncles and or brothers to dance.

We  offer a unique opportunity for dads, grandpas, uncles and or brothers to dance together with their dancer in a special performance at our annual recital.

This is a unique experience for dancers and their dads to share something special together that they will remember for a life time.



Adult Classes

Ages 18+

We offer Adult tap and jazz classes. Our jazz and tap classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic technique, while introducing terminology and skills in a casual class atmosphere. Our adult classes are geared towards the beginning, recreational student. Both classes are a great workout! Performance in the Recital is optional.


Competition Classes

Ages 3+

Our Competition Classes strive to provide dancers with a higher level of training so that they may take their dancing ability to the next level. Dancers who would like to be in these classes will be taught more challenging technique and choreography and will be expected to perform at a higher level. We will attend competitions in the spring of the year. We currently compete in the Recreational Division which means our dancers attend class under four hours per week.

Our goal with this program is to provide those dancers who have the skills and desire to compete with an opportunity to do so in a positive and healthy environment. By attending competitions, we hope to give these dancers an example of how teamwork, dedication and competing can be a constructive, character building experience that will carry over into other aspects of their lives.

Additional competition fees required and will be discussed in detail with the families who are interested.


Dance competitions can be a wonderful experience for dancers who strive to push themselves to do their best. Dance is an art form and the evaluation of dance can be very subjective. While a High Score is nice to receive, it is not our main goal. We are striving to grow and stretch as dancers, to improve our technique, to experience performing for and being evaluated by a panel of experts, and to enjoy dancing for the sake of dance.


As we all know competition costs money and also time to commit to the weekends of the competitions. To make it fare for all competition dancers please understand that if you commit to participate in competitions you are also committing to the other dancers. This is extremely true when it comes to duets, trios, and groups.  Please plan your schedules accordingly so that it is a fun adventure for everyone.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds if the dancer becomes unfortunately ill or something comes up with your schedule. All competitions have a no refund policy.

 Dance Times:

Please remember to plan your schedule accordingly when it comes to the weekends of the competition. Dance times could be on either day of the competition as well as early morning or later at night and we do not get the exact times until 1 week before. Therefore please keep this in mind when planning other activities.

 Number of Competitions you do:

The number of competition you do is completely up to you and or the members in your dance. For example if doing a Trio all three dancers must agree on which competitions they are doing and commit to them. You must make your decisions of which competitions you would like to attend no later then October 16th. There must be a minimum of at least 50% of all competition dances going to out of town competitions in order for the studio to attend an out of town competition. In town or local competitions have no minimum requirement.

Competition Fees:

All competition fees are due in FULL absolutely no later then Mid January.




Each year we proudly provide the perfect venue for you and your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice.  We hold our annual recital in a beautiful auditorium on a full size stage equipped with curtains, stage lighting, professional backdrops, and professional sound equipment.

Recital is held at the Mosinee Creske Center Auditorium

Our recitals are an entertaining event for parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends.  The memories here will last a lifetime!